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Style Guide


How do you chose the style of a wedding bouquet - some brides immediately know what they would like, they have searched online and social media for images and spent a lot of time putting together mood boards. Often they say that they don't really know what they want, but actually, the images they have collected all have something in common, and that is usually their natural style. Some brides aren't sure where to start in choosing either a design or the flowers in their bouquet and event decorations. If this is you, please do not worry, élégance en fleurs is here to help! Often, brides get in touch via social media or e-mail and we have an electronic consultation, exchanging messages and photos. Alternatively, face-to-face consultations are also available and these usually take around an hour, at a mutually convenient location and with a good cup of tea or coffee. During that time, understanding your venue, your style, your colour scheme and, through a step-by-step process, this enables a choice to be found. Advice is provided on the suitability and availability of flowers, styles of bouquet and venue flowers whether you wish a contemporary, timeless or classic look for your day. Please call, message or e-mail to arrange your free consultation.

Why use ribbons - used to finish a wedding bouquet or as part of general flower presentation, there are many different textures to chose from, let alone colours. Ribbons also come in different widths, some which add strength, for example for hanging wreaths on doors, or to provide a finish to a small buttonhole. Ribbons complete a design and they are very on-trend, particularly silk or velvet finishes for weddings with long trails of tonal colours to float in the breeze on your day. The colour of the ribbon can help highlight the colours in the bouquet, or it might be a favourite colour of the customer, either way, élégance en fleurs has lots of ribbons available and can source different ribbons for you, on request.

What are the meanings behind flowers - did you know that anniversaries, birthdays, countries and more all have specific flowers associated with them? This means that you can enhance meaning to your gift, wedding or sympathy flowers by including them. To pick out just a few to highlight here: rosemary stands for remembrance and you will often see this included in gift bouquets for those with the name, wedding flowers to remember loved ones on the day or sympathy flowers to reinforce the meaning of the floral tribute; the rose, with so many colours to chose from all have meanings too. Many of you will be aware that a red rose represents love and romance, hence why they are very popular on Valentines Day, but did you know that a yellow rose says friendship? You can include such rarely discussed miscellany in your message with your flowers, which will only deepen the meaning; and lastly in this section the 7th wedding anniversary is represented by copper or wool. Copper coloured flowers are very on-trend and what would be more stunning than a bouquet made from similar colours in blooms to create the overall effect. Again, a great message can be added to your anniversary flowers explaining the reason behind the stunning display. Please ask about the different meanings of flowers and their colours when you call and a very special bouquet can be created, just for you.

How do I chose a gift design - There are so many to chose from: gift bouquets wrapped and boxed, hand-ties with minimal wrapping, hat-boxes, crates, urns, trugs and the list goes on. The first thing to say is that élégance en fleurs uses bio-degradable wrap, cellophane, and box (if used). If you are travelling with your bouquet, then a boxed bouquet would be ideal. The flowers are held in water and the box helps to stabilise the design whilst in transit. If, conversely, your bouquet does not have far to go, or you or your recipient intends to place it straight into a vase, then a hand-tie would be suitable. It would still have the stems wrapped to protect them, but no box or water supply. Hat-boxes, crates, trugs and other flower holding implements are very useful if, for example, you or your recipient would like to place them on a table, want something that is easy to carry (although some of the larger sizes are heavier) or the design needs to be able to be seen from a seated position. Bio-degradeable foam is used to support the flowers although the design will still need to be watered - care cards are included with all designs to provide help in looking after your flowers. Some designs can be made without foam, please ask for details, if this is something you would like. To see a variety of designs, please visit the Gallery or the instagram account.

How do I chose a farewell, sympathy or remembrance design - for such a personal decision, please get in touch directly and you can be guided through all the options. A small selection of designs are also available to view in the Gallery.

If you would like any more guidance or help in choosing a design, or to order, please get in touch.

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